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CO-OP Advertising

The lifeblood of any business is getting others to see your websites and products.

The Cooperative Marketing Group provides you with various advertising methods designed to help increase attention to your business, product sales pages, & websites.

Sales Page Designer

Having great promotional material to advertise your business and products are very important to the success of your business.

The Cooperative Marketing Group provides you a useful sales page maker that allows you to put together awesome promotional items and even host's them for you.

Referral Builder

Downline builders are one of the best affiliate referring tools available because it allows easy access and setup to the many different opportunities in one location.

The Cooperative Marketing Group provides one of the Biggest and Well Maintained Referral Builders online.

URL Rotator/Tracker

It is essential to change your ads and track the results to see which ad produces the results your are looking for.

The Cooperative Marketing Group provides you with the necessary tools that rotate your different ads and track their results.


The Cooperative Marketing Group gives 15% of your Premier Membership cost back to you simply by viewing ads everyday.

CMG's Rewards Center offers several additional opportunities to get Rewarded!

Top AD Viewer Awards

Do You Have What it Takes to be The Top AD Viewer?

Cooperative Marketing Group Top AD Viewer Awards Program rewards You With Award Points for each Certificate you Claim which can be used in the Award Points Center for additional advertising and rewards.


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